XxworrierXx Clan History

Xxworrier Team History

Almost a year ago Logen (Christian) started this clan with a few friends. Mostly they just played the game and then asked me to join, I declined. They would say we are going to go to war soon, still asking me to join so I did download the game and started to play. I said you need ten players to have a war, how many do we have and we had 4. Here and there a few players joined but an hour or two later they were gone. Jr works with me and I said download this game. Eventually he did and said it was pretty cool. We had six players. I found out how to install this on the computer and went around to all the devices in the house and created some accounts….even my wife’s phone which I named Momma Lisa, although she was not playing. We finally had 10 players so we could go to war. We lost our first war because we had no idea what we were doing. After that first loss we won over and over. We recruited some more coworkers and more family members. Lisa started to see me running around the house attacking in this game and she started to play.

This is where this clan took off. Jr spent the night talking in global with people and got Ty, Greyskull and a few others to join the clan. We already had around 20 players and on that magical night we had almost 50 players. Yahiaa and Youseff came in around that time as well as others from that side of the world. They are the support for their side of the world. And the current XxworrierXx team was born.


Clan leaders are the ones who have the big responsibility of managing their clan. The leader has the administrative authority to invite players to join their clan, accept or decline requests to join, and promote/demote members to and from eldership or co-leader. The Leader can kick out co-leaders, elders and members.

Additionally, a clan leader has the ability to demote them and promote another player to leader. This move is generally only made in particular circumstances and should be exercised with extreme caution, as once another member is made leader the former leader no longer holds the same administrative powers. Typically a clan leader should only do this if the person they promoted was entirely trusted. If the clan leader leaves without promoting someone else to leader, the highest-ranked (by trophy count) co-leader will automatically become leader. If there are no co-leaders, the highest-ranked elder will take the position, and if there are no elders the highest-ranked normal member in the clan will automatically become leader. If the leader is the only one in the clan when he leaves, the clan will be dissolved.

The main difference between the clan leader and a co-leader is that only the leader has the authority to bestow (and withdraw) the title of co-leader on another player. Don’t give away free leader to anyone, as this will result in your clan being ruined and you have no control over it. There can only be one Leader at a time.


XxworrierXx Co-leaders must be in the clan for a long time and maintain active donations as well as each has a specific job. The list is at the end. They also need to do both attacks in each war and must join our Facebook group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/XxworrierXx/

Co-leader is the title for a clan member that has earned the utmost trust of the clan leader. The co-leader has the administrative authority to invite and accept join requests from players.

Clan Co-leaders may now send messages to the whole clan. You may type 128 characters. However there is a 12 hour recharge period after sending a message so consider carefully what you are going to send. The message will be sent to all clan members and viewed in their inbox. The message remains in the inbox after being viewed and it is yet to be seen they will be deleted. All XxworrierXx players must use both attacks in the war or you will be demoted. Co’s also need to maintain the clan community and have the power to kick a members(not Co Leaders and Elder) that is disrespectful to a clan member, use your judgment if it is one that is in the management to the clan they should be delt with by the leader.


Elder is the title for a clan member with a higher reputation and level of respect than regular clan members. An elder has the administrative authority to invite and accept join requests from players. There can be multiple Elders. All XxworrierXx players must use both attacks in the war or you will be demoted. All elders need to maintain the clan community, and if an issue arises bring it to the attention of a Co-leader that is online.


A member is an ordinary part of the clan and has no additional rights. This is the rank you start at when you join a clan. A clan member is important to the can be the next co leader or elder. All new XxworrierXx players must use both attacks in the war or you will be kicked.

Our clan XxworrierXx politics-

3 wars and both attacks you will be promoted to elder. If you fail to use both attacks you will be demoted or even kicked out. Members, there is no excuse for not attacking = automatic kick.

You will never post in chat of clan politics. This means demotions of player and things that need to be discussed by multiple co-leaders will be done in a private manner via the Facebook group messenger or equivalent source.

What will be allowed to be discussed in chat is the kicking of a new member after a war. This will show that both attacks are important in the wars and to XxworrierXx growth.

All of our team has the power to write a clan email to tell us that they cannot make a war attack due to the fact they are away or have some other engagement…..not because there is nothing left to attack. So there is no excuse and it will prevent you from being kicked.

A war will be set and after the war we will have a day to prepare for the next one. The clan will try to maintain 50 people until we get a full and steady clan of all 50 players with both attacks and then we take this to the next level.

This clan is from the US and we need to respect the native language and that is English. We respect you so please respect us.

The chat is for fun and all players shall respect each other and when a comment is made and that comment is taken offence from another player please apologize and move on from that conversation. A happy clan is a peaceful clan.


About Nathan Ishizaki

My name is Nathan Ishizaki and this is the crazy fact about most of us, Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the your world. and this is what my channel is about- This is a dedication for my son, Christian Ishizaki. He is playing Hockey. Come check it out!
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