Our Clan Play Lists




Hi all we are part of the Clash of Clans ( XxworrierXx-Team).We are a war Clan and always maintain donation ratio. We have lvl 5 – 7 & max troops and lots of dragons and even the elusive Pekka. This Clan XxworrierXx has adults and kids come have a great experience with us. We only need players that are at level 50+ or you will not be able to compete in our wars.
. To get promoted 3 wars both attacks and you will be an Elder. Have fun is the name of the game. We use WhatsApp for communication besides the clash of clan chat. And recently added KIK for the ones that cannot access Whatsapp.
We do have a 3 Clans running XxworrierXx, XxworrierXx 2 and XxworrierXx 3


Facebook group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/XxworrierXx/

XxworrierXx Youtube Channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCydmR8JG3tmtspEdzMTjOIQ

Email for the clan-XxworrierXx@gmail.com


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